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City Ordinance/Code Book

Code of the City of Bordentown

 Ordianances 2013 Ordinance 2014
2013-01 Model cap 2014-01 Model Ord
2013-02 Establish Rates of Compensation 2014-02 Business Registration
2013-05 Vacating Remaining Railroad ave 2014-03 Landlord Registration
2013-12 Establish Rates of Comp-Amended  
2013-14 Establish Rates of Comp-Amended  
2103-16 Authorize Property Conveyance  
2013-19 Bond Ord Water Utility Refund

Ordinances 2010

Ordinances 2011

Ordinances 2012

2010-01 Model Cap 2011-01Model cap 2012 Model Cap
2010-02 Rates of Compensation 2011-11Establish Rates of Compensation 2012-02 Establish Rates of Compensation
2010-07 Bond Ordinance-Water Util Project 2011-08Bond Ordinance-Capital improvements Ordinance 2012-14 Accept Land Donation
2010-09 Bond Ordinance-Capital Improvements    
2010-15Patio Easement