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August 4 11:00 am

Police are investigating the theft of a Sirius Satellite Radio and a radar detector stolen

from a parked vehicle on Thompson St. It is unknown if the vehicle was locked or left

unlocked. Value of the stolen items is unknown at this time.

August 4 6:15 pm

Police were called to E. Union St.. and met by a resident who reported that she had left

her car parked in front of her residence for approximately 15 minutes and upon returning

found that the passenger side door was ajar. Upon checking she discovered her purse was

missing. Victim reports her wallet, numerous credit cards and other important papers

were in the stolen purse. Total value of missing items is unknown at this time.

August 3 4:32 pm

A resident of E. Union St. reported that a Sirius Satellite radio was stolen from his

daughters vehicle sometime overnight. The owner was unsure if the vehicle was left

locked or unlocked. Value of the stolen radio is $150.00.

August 8 1:50 pm

An E. Union St. resident reports the theft of his sons scooter overnight. The scooter was

left on the front porch of the victims home and was noticed to be missing the following

day. The scooter was left unsecured and is valued at $100.00.

August 9 6:10 pm

A Reeder Avenue resident called police reporting the theft of his yard lamp overnight.

The lamp is valued at $90.00. However, recovered at the scene was the scooter reported

stolen the previous day.

These series of thefts have prompted police to urge all residents to secure their vehicles at

night and secure any and all property that can easily be removed and stolen.

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August 8 4:06 pm

Police observed an individual walking on Farnsworth Avenue, leave the sidewalk, walk

between two parked vehicles into the path of an oncoming vehicle. The vehicle had to

brake hard in order not to strike the pedestrian. At this time the suspect was observed to

throw his arms in the air and yell obscenities at the driver. A pedestrian stop was now

conducted and the subject began screaming profanities at the police and refused to quiet

down. Arrested for disorderly conduct was 18 year old Juan Guerrero of Bordentown

City. A search incident to arrest revealed Mr. Guerrero to possess a glass smoking pipe

containing the burnt residue of suspected marijuana. Mr. Guerrero was now charged also

with possession of drug paraphernalia, given a court date for later this month and


Arresting officer Ptl. Vincent Bernotas.

August 8 8:45 pm

Police observed an individual at the comer of Farnsworth Ave. and Park St. at the bus

stop bench urinating. Police approached that individual and questioned him about what

he was doing.. The subject stated he had urinated on himself and someone else had

urinated on the ground in front of him. On the ground at the feet of the subject was a

white plastic bag containing an open container of beer and a empty liquor bottle. After

giving police a false name the subject began running with police in pursuit. Upon

catching him he continued to flair his arms kicking at officers and striking one officer in

the face. Arrested was 46 year old John Couch of Trenton, NJ. Mr. Coach was taken to

Memorial Hospital in Mt. Holly when he stated he wanted medical attention. While

enroute to the hospital Mr. Couch continued to unbuckle his restraints giving ambulance

personnel a hard time. Even at the hospital Mr. Couch had to be strapped down to the

bed. After being treated for a sprained wrist Mr. Couch again became combative,

attempting to leave the hospital while still cuffed to the hospital bed. Upon leaving the

hospital Mr. Couch was taken to Burlington County Jail. Mr. Couch was charged with

assault on police, resisting arrest, (fighting, giving police false name) Bail set at

$15,000.00. (Mr. Couch was also issued complaints on local ordinances of open

container of alcohol and urinating in public.) Mr. Couch was also found to have two

Outstanding warrants, one out of Trenton and another out of Bridgeton., NJ. Mr. Couch

is scheduled to appear in court at a later date.

Arresting officers Det/Sgt. Shaun Lafferty, Ptl. Dan Anderson and Ptl. Jason Archer.

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August 2 1:53 am

Police were behind a vehicle noted to be unable to stay in a travel line of traffic on Rt.

130 South. Drifting onto the shoulder of the highway then onto the white painted lines of

both the travel lane and passing lane that vehicle then suddenly without using signals

pulled into the driveway of a local business. The vehicle was stopped and the driver

subsequently charged with driving while intoxicated. Arrested and charged with driving

while intoxicated, reckless driving, failure to maintain a lane and failure to give proper

signal was Frank Polo Jr. of Hamilton Twp., age 63. Mr. Polo was released to a family

member with a court date later this month.

Arresting officer Det/Sgt. Shaun Lafferty.






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