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Press Release Archive 2009


February 7 8:55 pm

A vehicle stopped on Rt. 206 south for failure to maintain a lane, resulted in the driver

receiving a total of three motor vehicle summons, Failure to maintain a lane, possession

of COS in a motor vehicle and consumption of an alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle,

Complaints were issued to the driver, 41 year old Clyde Zackery of New Brunswick, NJ,

Along with the motor vehicle violations Mr. Zackery will also appear in court later this

month to face criminal charges of possession of CDS (under 50 grams of Marijuana) and

possession of CDS paraphernalia. Mr. Zackery was released ROR pending court hearing.

Arresting officer Ptl. Dan Anderson.

February 12 2:58 am

A vehicle observed to make an illegal u-turn at 130/206 intersection was stopped and the

driver charged with turning at posted no u-turn, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane

and OWl .. The driver, 21 year old Dustin Shultz of Browns Mills, NJ, was taken to

police headquarters where he was issued his summons, and turned over to a friend.

Mr. Shultz is scheduled to appear in court later this month to answer to his driving while

intoxicated charge.

Arresting officer Det/Sgt. Shaun Lafferty.

February 11 3:18am

At 3:18am an Hispanic/White male was observed on surveillance video enter Marcello's

Restaurant from a rear door. The unknown subject removed 2 cash registers/computers

from the restaurant. The cash registers contained $300.00 in cash while total for cash

registers and computers is valued at $7420.00. Anyone with any additional information

is to contact Lt. Frederic L. Miller 609-298-0103 ext. 26.





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