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Press Release Archive 2009


January 25 2:01 am

While on patrol on Rt. 206 south a vehicle was observed to turn onto Rt. 206, traveling

the wrong way across the one way turn lane of the Jade Island extension, swerving across

three lanes of travel, after merging with Rt. 130/206. This vehicle was also observed to

travel on the grass median as it reached 65 miles per hour in a 40 MPH zone. This

vehicle was stopped on Rt. 206 after the Farnsworth Ave. traffic light and the driver

subsequently charged with DWI. The driver, 34 year old Angela Clark of Browns Mills,

NJ, was also charged with driving while suspended, being an unlicensed driver, speeding,

unregistered vehicle, reckless driving, failure to maintain a lane and wrong way on a one

way street. After being issued her 8 summons and given a court date later in February,

Ms. Clark was released to a friend.

Arresting officer D/Sgt. Shaun Lafferty.

January 19 6:30 am

A Fieldsboro resident upon letting her dog out noticed her Honda dirt bike missing.

Because of the snow during the night, she was able to follow tracks which lead her to a

residence in Bordentown City. The 'Boro resident responded to police headquarters

where Lt. Fred Miller and Sgt. Matt Simmons responded to that residence and located the

juvenile who arrived during the early morning hours with the bike. The bike was turned

over to the owner and the juvenile released to his parents after being charged with

receiving stolen property.





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