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Press Release Archive 2009


July 10 5:17 pm

Police responded to a report of a solicitor in the area of E. Burlington St. Upon arrival

they met with an individual who was advised of the solicitation without a permit

ordinance. Upon checking the credentials of that individual it was learned that he was a

fugitive from Kansas, wanted for possession of cocaine. Arrested and lodged in the

Burlington County Jail was 21 year old Brian Cunningham originally from the state of

Pennsylvania. Mr. Cunningham awaits extradition back to Kansas.

Arresting officer Ptl. Vincent Bernotas.

July 11 10:53 am

While doing a routine check of the NJ Light Rail Station police observed a subject at that

location known to have an outstanding warrant. Upon speaking with him and checking

for other warrants, he was asked if he had any weapons on him and he advised no, but he

did have some marijuana in his front pocket. Arrested and charged now with possession

of marijuana under 50 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia (a cigar to be used to

smoke the marijuana in), .was 27 year old Tomas Braden of Bordentown Twp. Mr.

Braden was given a court date for later in July.

Arresting officer Ptl, Vincent Bernotas.

July 8 2:10am

While on routine patrol on Crosswicks St., police noticed a vehicle traveling slowly. As

the vehicle approached the 1302/06 intersection it suddenly changed lanes without

signaling from the left most turning lane to go straight across the highway. That vehicle

was stopped on Thorntown Lane and as the driver was retrieving his credentials opened

the glove box to reveal a silver gravity knife in the glove box. The subject, a 17 year old

juvenile from Cookstown, was now placed under arrest and taken to police headquarters

where he was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon. The juveniles mother

responded to pick up her son and awaits a court date from Burlington County Superior

Court Family Part to be set at a later time.

Arresting officer Det/Sgt. Shaun Lafferty.






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