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Press Release Archive 2009


June 7 12:55 pm

City police were advised of a group of juveniles in the Second st. Park possibly selling

drugs. Police responded to the area and stopped three young adults on Second St. in the

area of the Park. Subsequent investigation led to charges against one of the young men

of possession of CDS and Distribution of CDS after finding numerous packets of

marijuana on his person. The youths, ages 16 and 17 were turned over to their parents

with charges pending against the one in juvenile court in Mt. Holly.

Investigating officers Ptl, Joe Bourn and Sgt. Douglas Corrello.

May 30 8:00 pm

Police observed two subjects entering Christ Church cemetery and conducted an

investigation due to past criminal mischief complaints at that location. Their

investigation led to the arrest of20 year old Michelle Himes of Pemberton, NJ, for

possession of marijuana under 50 grams. Ms. Himes is scheduled for a court appearance

in June.

Arresting officer DetiSgt. Shaun Lafferty.

June 9 9:18 pm

Police were called to the area of the Third St. parking lot for a reported theft of a motor

vehicle. Hattie Williams age 28 of Trenton, was attending the Moshe School located on

Third St. and upon completion of her class returned to her vehicle to find it had been

stolen.. The vehicle was recovered in Morrisville, PA, found abandoned with the ignition

punched out shortly after entry into the NCIC computer.

Investigating officer DetiSgt. Shaun Lafferty.

June 9 8:15 pm

While on patrol in the Light Rail parking lot DetiSgt. Shaun Lafferty observed a young

woman pushing a shopping cart into the bushes and leaving it. In speaking with the

young woman she gave police false information as to her age and was taken into police

custody. At the police station it was learned the 15 year old was a runaway from

Trenton, NJ. The juveniles guardian was contacted and she was turned over to the


Investigating officer DetiSgt. Shaun Lafferty.






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