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Press Release Archive 2009


March 4 4:00 pm

Police arrested 28 year old Lauren Bird of Cranbury, NJ, for prescription

fraud. Ms. Bird went to Boyd's Pharmacy to pick up a prescription which

she allegedly called into the pharmacy herself. Ms. Bird was charged and

given a court date for later in March, and released.

Arresting officer Ptl. Vincent Bernotas.

March 5 9:16 pm

A verbal confrontation between a group and a resident of East Burlington St.

lead to the charge of terroristic threats being filed against a group member,

39 year old Michael White of Fieldsboro, NJ, when he threatened to bum the

residents home down. Mr. White was able to post the $2,500.00 bail and

was released with a court date later this month.

Arresting officer Ptl. Joe Bourn.

February 27 2:21 am

A vehicle on Park St. heading towards Rt. 206 was observed to be crossing

over the painted center lane several times. That vehicle then stopped

approximately 20 feet before the stop line, and after the light turned green

sat there till the light was about to tum amber then accelerated turning north

onto Rt. 206. That vehicle was stopped and the driver subsequently charged

with DWI. Also charged with failure to maintain a lane and reckless driving

was 31 year old Kerri Reed of Hamilton, NJ. Ms. Reed was given her

summons and a court date and released to a friend.

Arresting officer Det/Sgt. Shaun Lafferty.

March 7 12:57 am

Police followed a vehicle that ran a stop sign at Farnsworth Ave. and Park

St.,stopping in the intersection, tum onto Park St. and upon coming to Park

and Prince St., again stopped in the intersection. Going onto Walnut St.the

driver ran over the curb at Farnsworth Ave. Upon stopping that vehicle it

was learned that the driver had been drinking. Upon investigation the driver,

31 year old Theresa Povio of Hamilton, NJ, was issued summons for DWI,

reckless driving, failure to stop, failure to maintain a lane and open container

of alcohol in her vehicle. Ms. Povio was released to a family member with a

court date scheduled for later this month.

Arresting officer Ptl. Dan Anderson.






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