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Press Release Archive 2009


March 21, 1:55 am

Employees ofthe Hob Tavern, after closing for the night, heard pounding on the front

door of the establishment. Upon opening the door two patrons who had been asked to

leave earlier and escorted from the bar now pushed their way inside and attacked two

employees. The two patrons, a male and female, after a brief struggle, now ran from the

bar down a side street. One of the employees was taken to the hospital and released after

treatment for minor injuries. Complaints were signed against the couple for simple

assault and defiant trespass. Charged were David Melton II, age 35, and his wife Sonja

Melton, age 37, of Bordentown City.

Investigating officer Ptl. Dan Anderson.

March 21, 12:59 am

While on patrol Rt. 130 north, a vehicle coming off the 295 ramp was observed to swerve

to the right almost striking the curbing and then quickly to the left crossing over the

painted median line. Upon reaching the traffic light at 130 and Farnsworth Ave., the

driver sat at a green light for approximately 30 seconds before turning right onto

Farnsworth Ave., again crossing over into the lane of oncoming traffic. This vehicle was

stopped and the driver subsequently charged with DWI. See Allah, of Trenton, NJ, age

38, was also charged with failure to maintain a lane and reckless driving. Mr. Allah was

issued his summons and released to a friend, pending court.

Arresting officer DetiSgt. Shaun Lafferty.






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