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Press Release Archive 2009


May 11 2:11 am

While on patrol police observed a vehicle come into the City at the Butts Ave. jug handle

off of Rt. 130, cross over the four lanes of travel on Crosswicks St." then back across the

four lanes before stopping approximately ten feet before the white stop line. That vehicle

was stopped after it crossed the highway on Crosswicks Rd. The driver of that vehicle

was subsequently charged with numerous offenses including driving while intoxicated.,

reckless driving, failure to maintain a lane, unlicensed driver, unregistered vehicle, no

liability insurance and fictitious tags (tags belonged on a GMC but were on a Mazda).

The vehicle also contained in the rear seat a case of beer along with a six-pack of beer.

Arrested was 19 year old Hector Millan of Bordentown Twp. Mr. Millan was released to

a friend after receiving his summons with a court appearance in Municipal Court later

this month.

Arresting officer Ptl. Vincent Bernotas.

May 15, 2:25 am

A Twp. patrol officer observed a vehicle at the intersection of Park St. and Farnsworth

Ave. with the engine running, front and rear drivers side tires flat and the driver slumped

over the wheel. In checking the vehicle the driver was passed out at the steering wheel.

City police were called and the driver, 29 year old Jessica Prasch of Bordentown Twp.

was charged with driving while intoxicated, and reckless driving. Ms. Prasch could not

remember how her tires got flat, and it appeared she had driven on them for a distance.

Ms. Prasch was released to a family member with a court appearance later this month.

Arresting officer DetiSgt. Shaun Lafferty.

May 17 1:30 am

A motorcyclist was stopped for an improper turn at Rt. 130 and Crosswicks St. as well as

disregard of a traffic control device at Rt. 130 and Butts Ave. That traffic stop resulted in

the issuance of (4) motor vehicle summons (failure to observe signal, improper tum, no

motor cycle license and a suspended drivers license). The driver was also found to have

numerous warrants for his arrest totaling over $77,000.00. Mercer County had a bail of

$66,000.00 on the subject and he was turned over to the Mercer County Sheriffs Dept.

In addition to the motor vehicle summons the accused (55 year old Harry Logan III, of

Trenton) was also charged with giving police false information in attempting to hinder

his apprehension.

Arresting officer Sgt. Douglas Corrello.

May 9, 6:35 pm

A motor vehicle stop was conducted at the New Jersey Light Rail Train Station when a

vehicle was observed being operated by a subject not wearing a seatbelt and driving with

a rejected inspection sticker dated 2/09. As a result of that stop the driver, was ticketed

for not wearing a seatbelt. A passenger in the vehicle, 23 year old Keith Cole Jr. of

Sicklerville was observed to quickly attempt to hand off an item to a third passenger in

the vehicle and attempt to run towards the train. When ordered to return to the vehicle

Mr. Cole did so without avoidance. A wants and warrants check produced a warrant out

of Winslow Twp. in the amount of$550.00 for Mr. Cole and he was then arrested .. Mr.

Cole was found to possess marijuana, smoking paraphernalia and a hypodermic needle.

Mr. Cole was released ROR on his warrant by Winslow Twp. and ROR on City charges

with a court date later this month ..

Arresting officer Ptl. Joe Bourn.






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