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Press Release Archive 2009


October 5, 2009 10:30 am

Upon opening up for business the owner of the Empire Pizza restaurant located on Rt.

130/206 at Elizabeth St., reported entry through the side door by unknown perpetrators.

Missing were monies from the previous nights proceeds.

Investigating officer Ptl. Joe Bourn continues his investigation.

September 13, 7:20 pm

While monitoring traffic police observed two men walking south along the median at Rt.

130/206, run across the highway jay-walking onto Crosswicks St. They then observed

one of the men reach into a vehicle waiting for the light to tum green on Crosswicks St.,

pull the victim from the vehicle striking him with their hands and fists. Police quickly

responded to the scene and arrested Kulwinder Singh age 40 of Michigan, charging him

with simple assault. No reason was given for the assault by Mr. Singh who had been

drinking. A later court date has been set for the simple assault arrest.

September 26, 1:14 am

A vehicle was observed to travel Rt. 130/206 North straight through the right tum only

lane at Crosswicks Rd. That vehicle was noted to have an expired inspection sticker on it

and was also observed to swerve from right to left inside it's lane of travel. Upon

stopping this vehicle it was noted the driver had been drinking and was subsequently

arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. Arrested was 25 year old Jared

Wells of Yardley, PA. Released ROR to a friend, Mr. Wells was issued summons for

driving while intoxicated, unregistered vehicle and reckless driving, with a court date in

October. Arresting officer DetiSgt. Shaun Lafferty.





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