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April 3, 1:47 am
While conducting DWI Enforcement in the area of Bordentown City 130/206 north, a
vehicle ahead to the patrol unit was noted to drift into the middle of the road and then
back into the far left lane of travel. That vehicle was stopped and subsequently led to the
arrest of the driver for driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, driving while
suspended, failure to maintain a lane and creating the risk of an accident. The driver, 31
year old Courtney Marshall of Trenton, NJ, was released to a family member with a court
date later in April.
Arresting officer Sgt. Matt Simmons.
March 27, 5:59 pm
Police were called to the Hob Tavern for three disorderly males. Upon arrival all had
fled with the exception of one that was pointed out walking towards Mary St. That
subject was stopped, questioned and subsequently charged with possession of schedule 4
narcotic known as Clonazepan. The drugs were found in an unmarked prescription bottle
along with other pills that were non-narcotic. An alleged argument over owed monies led
to the altercation between the three subjects prior to police arrival. Charged with
possession of CDS was 25 year old Jonathan Moon of Hamilton Square, NJ.
Mr. Moon was lodged in Burlington County Jail in default of $2,500.00 full cash bail.
Arresting officer Ptl. Joe Bourn.
March 28, 2:02 am
Traveling south on Rt. 130 a vehicle was observed swerving over the painted lines in the
roadway. Coming to a stop at the traffic light Rt. 130 and Dunn's Mill Rd., the vehicle
continued sitting at the light when it turned green causing the vehicle behind it to honk
it's hom. The vehicle then continued southbound and again began swerving over the
painted line of travel. That vehicle was stopped and the driver subsequently charged with
DWI. Also charge with reckless driving and failure to maintain a lane was 33 year old
Matthew Falcone of Philadelphia, PA. Mr. Falcone was released to a friend with a court
hearing scheduled in April.
Arresting officer Detective Sergeant Shaun Lafferty.


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