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March 28 4: 15 am
While sitting at the traffic light Park St. and Rt. 206, a vehicle in front of the Bordentown
City Police Vehicle turned left onto Rt. 206 north while the light was still red. That
vehicle was stopped and the driver subsequently charged with DWI. Arrested was 30
year old Melony Furda of Bordentown Twp. Ms. Furda was also charged with failure to
stop/yield and reckless driving. Ms. Furda was turned over to a family member with a
court date later in April.
Arresting officer Ptl. Jason Archer.
March 24 6:38 am
While sitting at the traffic light on Rt. 130/206 at Crosswicks St., police observed a
vehicle stopped while other vehicles traveled around it blowing their horns as they
attempted to tum onto the highway on the green light. Sgt. Matt Simmons then pulled
behind the vehicle and observed the driver asleep at the wheel with his vehicle in drive
and his foot on the brake. Opening the door of the suspect vehicle a strong odor of
alcohol began emanating from the interior. After placing the vehicle in park the driver
was awakened and subsequently charged with OWL Also charged with obstructing
passage, reckless driving and creating the risk of an accident was 48 year old Gregory
Hupfl of Allentown, NJ. Mr. Hupfl was released to a family member with his tickets and
a court date.
Arresting officer Sgt. Matt Simmons.
March 27 7:40 am
A resident of the 400 block of Willow St. called police to report criminal mischief to their
vehicle. During the night and early morning hours person or persons unknown shattered
their rear windshield. Cost to replace the damage is estimated to be approximately
$575.00. Anyone with information can contact City Police at 298-0103. All information
will be kept confidential.
Investigating officer Ptl. Joe Bourn.
April 3 12:44 am
A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of 27 year old Ervin Harris, Rt. 206,
Bordentown. Mr. Harris had an outstanding warrant out of Trenton for $5,480.00 for
possession of CDS and a warrant out of Ewing Twp. for $1,082.00 for motor vehicle
charges. Mr. Harris was turned over to Trenton Police.
Arresting officer Det/Sgt. Shaun Lafferty
April 4 10:06 pm
Police responded to call in the area of Willow St. and W. Burlington St. for subjects
causing a disturbance. Upon arrival on Willow St. police spoke with several subjects
regarding the complaint. One subject became disorderly and police arrested him and took
him to headquarters where he was issued a city ordinance violation for disorderly
conduct. A court date is pending for Mark Williams, age 20, of Bordentown City.
Arresting officers Det/Sgt. Shaun Lafferty and PtJ. Vincent Bemotas


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