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January 15 3:00 pm
A resident in the 600 block of Farnsworth Avenue reported to police the theft of a bicycle
stolen from a locked rear yard garage. Suspect(s) used a sharp tool to enter the garage by
prying the door open. The bike is described only as a green 10 speed men's bike valued
at approximately $125.00 __
Investigating officer Ptl. Joe Bourn.
January 16 1:26 am
While conducting DWI enforcement in the jurisdiction of Bordentown City a vehicle was
noted to be traveling Rt. 130 southbound in excess of the 40 MPH posted speed limit.
That vehicle which was clocked at 72 MPH was stopped and the strong odor of an
alcoholic beverage was noted emanating from the interior of the vehicle as the officer
spoke with the driver. The driver, 20 year old Karen Smith of Florence, NJ. was
subsequently charged with DWI. Ms. Smith was also charged with underage DWI,
speeding, reckless driving and creating risk of accident, Ms. Smith was released to a
family member after receiving summonses with a court date later in January.
Arresting officer Sgt. Matt Simmons.
January 17 3:37 am
While traveling Rt. 130 northbound a vehicle pulled out of a parking lot taking up two
lanes of travel, one of which a Bordentown City Police vehicle was traveling in. The
patrol vehicle had to slow down to avoid a collision before the car could move to a single
lane allowing the patrol car to pass. That vehicle was stopped in the area of the Mastoris
Profession Plaza and the driver, failing his sobriety tests, was arrested and charged with
DWI, reckless driving, failure to maintain a lane of travel and creating the risk of an
accident. Charged was 37 year old Anronis Karkpontinis of Lawrenceville, NJ. After
being given a court date for later in January, Mr. Karkpontinis was released to a family
Arresting officer Ptl. John Platt.


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