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February 14 12:58 am
A vehicle was observed on Crosswicks S1. travel towards Rt. 130 but tum onto the Butts
Ave. jug-handle against the flow of traffic approaching Rt. 130 from this direction, before
stopping and beginning to back up. Upon stopping that vehicle and speaking with the
driver it was noted that same had been drinking. The driver, 18 year old Andrew Stewart
of Bordentown City was subsequently arrested and charged with the following: DWI,
reckless driving, careless driving, failure to maintain lane, unsafe backing and also for
being an unlicensed driver. Mr. Stewart was given a court date and released to a family
Arresting officer Ptl. Dan Anderson.
February 23 10:41 pm
Bordentown City K-9 unit was conducting a search of a stopped vehicle on the shoulder
of Rt. 206 with all emergency lights activated when a vehicle approached at a high rate of
speed hitting its brakes and screeching tires as it at the last moment veered to the next
Jane of travel before striking the police vehicle. As the vehicle passed it was noted to be
a white Cadillac with New Jersey registration and windows obstructed by steam or dew.
That vehicle was stopped at the intersection of Rt. 206 and Carmen Ave. and the driver
eventually charged with DWl. The driver, 33 year old Vashawn Eutsey of Trenton, was
also charged with refusal to provide breath samples, possession of open container in a
motor vehicle, reckless driving and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. Mr. Eutsey
was released to a friend with a court date set for March.
Arresting officer Ptl. John Platt.


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