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May 1, 1:59 am
While traveling southbound on Rt. 130 a vehicle was noted to change lanes without
signaling then stop for the red light at Crosswicks St. approximately 75 before the
intersection. After the light change this vehicle now used it's signals to pull into the far
right lane, waited for traffic to pass by then changed signals and pulled over to the far left
lane. Upon doing this the signals were turned off and the driver returned to the second
lane of travel. This vehicle was stopped on Rt. 206 and the driver found to be
intoxicated. Arrested and charged with DUI, reckless driving, failure to maintain a lane
and being an unlicensed driver was 23 year old Kevin Valladares of Chesterfield, NJ.
Mr. Valladares was issued a court date later in May and released to a friend.
Arresting officer Ptl, Vincent Bernotas.
May 1 10:38 pm
A vehicle traveling through Bordentown City having an expired sticker was stopped and
a subsequent investigation found pieces of green vegetation on the floor of the car along
with an odor of marijuana inside the car. After all occupants were requested to step out
of the vehicle a baggie containing a greenishlbrown vegetation, suspected CDS, was
found under the rear passenger seat. A rear seat passenger at this time admitted to the
CDS as being his and same was arrested. The driver of the vehicle was given a citation
and sent on his way while the suspect, 21 year old Aloysius Ross of Willingboro, NJ, was
transported to headquarters where he was charged with possession of CDS and
possession of CDS paraphernalia, given a court date and released.
Arresting officer Vincent Bemotas.


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