2019 Summer Youth Program – July/August 2019

Bordentown City Summer Youth Employment Application

Bordentown City
Summer Youth Position Description with Goals & Expectations
Summer 2019

In prior years, the City has overseen up to thirty (30) youths working in numerous opportunities related to municipal and public service. Beginning on Tuesday, July 9th, Bordentown City will be launching its annual summer youth program for teenagers between the ages of 14-17. Working under the supervision of three individuals, the youths will be working on different community and public
service activities, including but not limited to Farnsworth Avenue beautification, community garden on Burlington Street, Bordentown City Beach, and the City’s park system. The program will run from 9am – 12pm noon four days a week (Tuesday – Friday) from the week of July 8th through August 16, 2019. (subject to change)

1. To provide an educational and productive work experience for city youths in Bordentown City.
2. To provide exposure to a wide variety of experiences in the following fields: public service, parks and open spaces (programs and maintenance), public infrastructure, and municipal operations
3. To interact with city residents, local businesses, and city employees

1. Youths are expected to have strong written and verbal communication, and interpersonal skills as well as good organizational and time management
2. Youths are expected to adhere to an agreed upon work schedule and maintain clear and consistent records of activities and hours spent.
3. Unless included as part of the day’s work plan and approved by a supervisor, youths are prohibited from using their cell phone and social media during work hours.
4. Youths understand and recognize that they are employees of Bordentown City. Therefore, all youths are expected to act and behave in a first class and professional manner, including but not limited to dress attire, interactions, and demeanor.