City Hall Is Closed To The Public

After much consideration, it has been the decision of the Mayor and Commissioners to once again close the City Hall Municipal Building to public access. It is the time of year when we should be greeting our residents, wishing them well and looking forward to the New Year, however, with the rising COVID cases and the emergence of the newest COVID variant (omicron), we find that for the protection of our residents, visitors to City Hall and most importantly, the protection of the staff who interact with the public everyday, this is the course of action we must take for everyone’s safety and health.

City Hall staff will be present daily from 8:30am to 4:30pm and reachable by telephone or e-mail if you need assistance. They will accommodate members of the public with providing information and/or forms that are needed whether it be e-mail, fax or regular mail and in some cases picked up at City Hall under pre-arranged terms. Applications for dog licenses, housing inspections, zoning applications, tax forms, etc. will be provided as needed in the most efficient manner possible; we will do our best to accommodate all requests.

Marriage license applications will still be taken by appointment only and reasonable accommodations will be made for the applicants and one witness as needed to be in attendance for the application. All parties will be required to wear appropriate facial coverings and use the hand sanitizer available to them. Requests for certified copies of birth, marriage and death records will be accommodated when requested in advance and arrangements made for pick-up or mailing.

Payments for water bills and property taxes can be left in the front door mail slot and received by staff for processing. If you require a receipt, please request same and provide an e-mail address to send the receipt or acknowledgement of payment. Payments can also be processed through the online payment system for property tax and water bills; found on the homepage of the City website.

Until such time that City Hall can once again safely open to the Public, Happy Holidays to One and All and May the New Year Bring Us A Safe and Healthy Environment in which we can all share the space and enjoy our community once again!

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