Oliver Street Water Main And Resurfacing Projects 2021

Over the last several months, the city has talked about improving Oliver Street. The first phase of this work will be the underground water infrastructure. The current water main in Oliver Street is old, undersized (4”-6”), and in some spots absent altogether. As part of the city’s asset management plan, the City identified Oliver Street as one of the locations most in need of upgrade. The project consists of the replacement of the existing main with approximately 1,900 linear feet of new 8” line over the entire length of Oliver Street, from Federal Street to West Chestnut St. The larger main will improve water circulation (by eliminating the existing gap in coverage), increase available water flow and increase pressure for firefighting.

Construction of the water main improvements has begun today, May 3rd with Pioneer Pipe being the Contractor who was awarded the Bid for the work. Copies of the design plans are available here Oliver Street Water Main Improvements

The water main improvements are expected to take approximately 45 – 60 days to complete barring any unforeseen underground problems. The Contractor will be starting the project where Oliver intersects with West Chestnut Street and move toward Burlington Street, crossing over and ending where Oliver intersects with Federal Street. As you can see, this is a long stretch of roadway and the City apologizes in advance for the inconveniences you will experience during this construction period.

Street Sweeper violations will be suspended along Oliver, Willow and W. Burlington Street from Prince Street toward the Rt. 295 Overpass heading toward Fieldsboro. Parking will be an inconvenience from 7:00am until 3:00pm during construction, but you will be able to park after the construction vehicles have left the area. Cars should be moved before 7:00am each day when the construction crews are working in your area.

Garbage Collection and Recycling should be unaffected by the construction. Burlington County has been contacted and their drivers have been instructed that they can enter the street to collect the recycling materials.

Following the completion of the Water Main Improvements and waiting period for settlement of roadway, the Road Resurfacing, Sidewalk and Curb Repair/Replacement shall begin. There is no start date set but residents will be notified in advance of the mobilization of work equipment and crews. The latest revised design plan for Oliver Street can be reviewed by clicking on the link to the plans. Oliver Street Construction Plans

Thanks for your patience and if anyone has a question or comment, please do not hesitate to call or text Commissioner Joe Myers at 609-556-7837; he is always available to answer your questions.