Oliver Street Water Main And Resurfacing Projects 2021

Over the past few months, the city has talked about improving Oliver Street. The first phase of this work will be the underground water infrastructure. The current water main in Oliver Street is old, undersized (4”-6”), and in some spots absent altogether. As part of the city’s asset management plan, the City identified Oliver Street as one of the locations most in need of upgrade. The project consists of the replacement of the existing main with approximately 1,900 linear feet of new 8” line over the entire length of Oliver Street, from Federal Street to West Chestnut St. The larger main will improve water circulation (by eliminating the existing gap in coverage), increase available water flow and increase pressure for firefighting.

Design for the water improvements was recently completed and shared with the state. It is our goal to advertise the design plans and present a resolution to award a construction contract to the lowest responsible bidder in March. Copies of the design plans are available here Oliver Street Water Main Improvements

Over the next few weeks, we will also share the preliminary design for the roadway improvements (water and road work are two separate projects with separate funding). Thanks for your patience and if anyone has a question or comment, please do not hesitate to call or text Commissioner Joe Myers at 609-556-7837