Water Advisory Board

It is the fundamental purpose and mission of the City of Bordentown Water Advisory Board to work closely with the City Commissioners and residents of the service area of the City of Bordentown Water Utility. It is also the Board’s responsibility to review and advise the City Commissioners on issues relating to public awareness, quality of water and quality of service. It shall also be the responsibility of the Board to gain an understanding of the operations of the Water Utility.

The members of the Bordentown Water Advisory Committee are made up of officials and residents of the City and Township of Bordentown:

Bordentown City Commissioner Joseph D. Myers, Director of Public Property, Streets & Water
Bordentown City Water Treatment Plant Licensed Operator, John J. Walls (609-743-4350)
Bordentown City Clerk, Grace I. Archer
City Resident Michael James
City Resident Katie Nosker (Member of BC Environmental Commission)
Bordentown Township Admininstrator Michael Theokas
Township Resident Ellen Gulbinsky (Member of Bordentown Sewer Authority)
Township Resident William Hartz

Members at Large Include: Mark Hubal, PE of Remington Vernick Engineers – Water Engineer;
John Manganaro of Water Resource Management; Edward Foley III, WTP licensed employee,
John Snook, WTP licensed employee