Standard Operating Procedure Directives

  • SOP 2018-03 Statewide Mandatory Early Warning Systems
  • SOP 2018-03 Mandatory Law Enforcement Drug Testing
  • SOP 2022-01 Promoting Diversity in Law Enforcement in Recruitment and Hiring
    Police Department Policies

  • SOP 2022-03 Adoption of State Policy for Vehicular Pursuit and Use of Force – April 2022
  • Procedures for T- and U- VISA Non-Immigrant Status Applications
  • Annual Major Discipline Report Form

  • Annual Major Discipline Report – June 15 to December 31, 2020
  • 2021 Annual Major Discipline Report Form
  • 2022 Annual Major Discipline Report

    Professional Standards Reports

  • 2019 Professional Standards Annual Report
  • 2020 Professional Standards Annual Report
  • 2021 Professional Standards Annual Report
  • 2022 Professional Standards Annual Report

    Attorney General Statements

  • 05-04-2020 Assistant Attorney General Statement – Civil Rights
  • Attorney General Law Enforcement 2022-14 Internal Affairs Policy and Procedure v November 2022

    Internal Affairs – Report of Misconduct
    Bordentown City Police Department – Internal Affairs Policy

  • Internal Affairs Annual Summary – 2023 Snapshot
  • Internal Affairs Civilian Complaint FAQ
  • Internal Affairs Civilian Complaint Report Form

    You may find the Civilian Complaint Information Form as well as the Internal Affairs Complaint Form Translated into Arabic, Chinese, Haitian, Hindi, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese by visiting: NJ Office of the Attorney General

    Misc. Applications and Forms

  • Application for Handicapped Parking Space 2023
  • Camera Registration
  • Disclaimer and Terms of Use

    Police Department General Safety and Information Guides

  • Community Safety Guide
  • NJ Safe Stop: Know Your Rights, Know The Law
  • Report or Check Status of Power Outages-PSE&G
  • Counterterrorism Awareness Information
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