City of Bordentown Police Department

City of Bordentown Police Our mission is to serve and protect life and property and provide a professional quality service to the Bordentown City community. We will continue all efforts to enforce the laws of this state and provide a quality of life crime free environment for our families, friends, neighbors, visitors, and businesses within the jurisdiction of the city of Bordentown. Further, we will also continue to provide mutual aid to outside agencies that request our professional service.

Operation Safe Summer
In order to promote safe riding, both the Bordentown City and Bordentown Township Police Departments have partnered with local ice cream shops and officers will issue “tickets” for a free ice cream treat to children observed wearing their helmets while riding bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc… Bordentown City officers will be issuing tickets which can be turned in to Vincent’s Home Made Ice Cream on Farnsworth Avenue and the Township tickets can be turned in to Bordentown Creamery on Rt. 206 North.
This program will kick off on Memorial Day weekend and run until the end of the summer season.
Bordentown City Chief Miller and Bordentown Township Chief Pesce hope this program will encourage kids to wear helmets in order to prevent traumatic brain injuries and also believe that this is a great way for local youth to interact with our officers in a positive way.

National Night Out 2018

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