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Bordentown Yard Waste

Public Works Yard Open For Drop Off of Vegetative Waste ONLY – No Trash or Recycling Materials
In order to continue to bring the residents and businesses the services they expect, the Public Works Department has taken precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of personnel and realigned the work schedules to split the workshifts to insure all personnel get proper rest, healthcare and minimal exposure risk while working. We hope to cause little disruption to the normal routine and service to our residents. Your cooperation and patience during this difficult time for everyone is greatly appreciated.

City Park Closures

Bordentown Parks ClosedIn an abundance of caution today, the Mayor and Commissioners made the decision to close all City Parks and Playgrounds to the public. These steps are necessary to prevent the possible spread of the novel coronavirus a/k/a COVID-19. Residents are urged not to misunderstand these actions to mean that contamination has been found in our parks and playgrounds, but rather to prevent the possibility of the spread of the virus should someone unknowingly be a carrier and visit a public site.

The Mayor and Commissioners are taking steps every day to protect the health, safety and welfare of our residents and ask for everyone’s cooperation, patience and understanding. Mayor Lynch is our Emergency Management Coordinator and is in constant communication with the Governor’s Office, Burlington County Emergency Management Officials, the Burlington County Board of Health and all other State officials overseeing this pandemic and leading the way in protecting the citizens of the State of New Jersey.

Above all else, please remember to cough into the crook of your arm, use a tissue and dispose of it immediately, keep at least a six foot social distance, remain at home as much as possible and avoid going out, wash your hands and practice good hygiene. If we remain diligent in these practices, we will beat this virus and regain our lives and futures. Stand strong together Bordentown City, we are a little city, but we are a strong community when we stand as one! Enjoy your day, be safe, be healthy, be strong!

Robert Erickson, CPWM
Superintendent of Public Works
Phone: 609-298-0654
Cell: 609-743-4949
Hours: 7:00AM – 3:30 PM

John Snook, CPWM
Phone: 609-298-0654
Cell: 609-780-0951