Subcommittee of the Environmental Commission:

Bordentown City Green Team
Chair: Cathy Elliott-Shaw
Co-Chair: Sruti Desai Brodowski

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The Green Team meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month along with the Environmental Commission at the Carslake Community Center @ 7 PM. Everyone is Welcome! The Green Team is dedicated to creating a more sustainable Bordentown City. It is a very active committee of the Bordentown City Environmental Commission. The Green Team is strictly composed of volunteers who educate residents and businesses about the benefits of sustainability. Come check us out! We can always use more help!


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Bordentown City Community Asset Map – Parks, Playgrounds, Trails
Bordentown City Recycling Resource Guide – BCEC
Green Building Brochure, Rev. Aug. 2022

On the City’s 1st Annual Volunteer Appreciation Day breakfast that was held to recognize the many residents who volunteer their time on the various Committees/Boards/Commissions, Cathy Elliott-Shaw was voted “Volunteer of the Year” by her peers. Cathy has dedicated many years to the oversight of the environment and sustainability of the City putting in many, many hours planning the Annual Green Fairs, working hard to maintain the City’s Silver Certification under the Sustainable Jersey Program, and attending the many events held in the City throughout the year providing educational materials to the public on how each and everyone can do their part to help sustain our environment. Cathy has helped to bring many innovative ideas to the City and worked hard to have them implemented successfully, pizza box recycling, collecting used pumpkins during the fall for recycling, supporting the Girl Scouts initiative for reusable shopping bags, etc.

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Sruti DesaiCo-Chair
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Visit the full Green Team webpage at: Green Team @ Bordentown City Environmental Commission

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