Glenn McMahon, CTA*
Phone: (609) 298-0073
Fax: (609) 298-8467
*Certified Tax Assessor
Please note that the best way to contact the Tax Assessor is via e-mail.

OFFICE HOURS: Wednesday: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Tax Assessor Duties and Responsibilities:
o Assessment of new and existing business and residential properties
o Farmland Assessment
o Tax Appeals
o Added Assessments
o 200 foot lists for Land Use Board/Zoning applications

New Jersey Local Property Tax Forms:
Local Property Tax Forms
Property Tax Deduction Claim by Veteran or Surviving Spouse or Service Person
Claim for Real Property Tax Deduction on Dwelling House of Qualified NJ Resident Senior Citizen, Disabled Person, or Surviving Spouse
Application for Real Property Tax Abatement for Residential Property in Urban Enterprise Zone
For Filing Appeals of Tax Assessments
Taxpayers Bills of Rights
Veterans Tax Exemption Memo

Important State Phone Numbers:
Tax Hotline: 609-588-2200
Automated Tax Information: 800-323-4400 or 609-588-2525
Speaker Programs: 609-984-4101
NJ Tax Fax: 609-588-4500
Local Property Tax: 609-292-5033
Public Utility Tax: 609-633-2576

101 E. Park Street
Bordentown, NJ 08505
City Administration Building
PO Box 395
Bordentown, NJ 08505