Director of Public SafetyJames E. Lynch, Jr.609-847-6051[email protected]
Chief of PoliceShaun E. Lafferty609-298-0103 x126[email protected]
CaptainMatthew J. Simmons IV609-298-0103 x128[email protected]
LieutenantDaniel N. Anderson609-298-0103 x130[email protected]
SergeantVincent E. Bernotas609-298-0103 x127[email protected]
Firearms Instructor
John C. Platt609-298-0103 x131[email protected]
Firearms Instructor
Animal Humane Offc.
Jason T. Archer609-298-0103 x124[email protected]
K-9 Sky
Ryan J. Lynch609-298-0103 x125[email protected]
DetectiveJustin B. Lewandowski609-298-0103 x136[email protected]
Police OfficerCraig P. Conk609-298-0103 x119[email protected]
Police OfficerJeremy S. Archer609-298-0103 x120[email protected]
Police OfficerKyle M. Kafer609-298-0103 x132[email protected]
Police OfficerSonny F. Morrison609-298-0103 x121[email protected]
Police OfficerJohn E. Main609-298-0103 x137[email protected]
Spc. Offc. Class I
Animal Control
Peter J. Sedor609-298-0103 x123[email protected]
Information Clerk and OPRA Records Brittney Chenosky609-298-0103 x118[email protected]
The Police Department shall: a) Preserve the public peace; prevent crime and disorderly conduct; detect and arrest offenders against the penal laws and ordinances effective within the City; suppress riots, mobs and insurrections; dispense unlawful or dangerous assemblages; and preserve order at all elections and public meetings and assemblages; b) Administer and enforce laws and ordinances in force within the City in all cases where such administration and enforcement is not vested in the exclusive jurisdiction of such City officials as the City Zoning Officer, Building Inspector, Plumbing Inspector or Health Officer and cooperate fully with such officers; c) Remove all nuisances in public streets, ways, parks, playgrounds, parking lots and other public places and inspect and observe all places of public amusement or assemblage and all places operating under any state or City license or permit; d) Provide proper police attendance and protection at fires; e) Apprehend, arrest or summon all persons lawfully charged with the violation of any law or ordinance for the suppression or punishment of crimes, disorderly conduct or offenses; f) Provide for the attendance of its members in court when necessary for the prosecution and trial of persons charged with crimes, disorderly conduct or offenses under any law or ordinance; g) Serve and execute all process issuing out of the Municipal Court and have all the power and authority of constables of this state, except as to the service of civil processes out of courts other than the Municipal Court; h) Render aid to all distressed, injured, infirm and sick persons and perform such duties in regard to the body of any deceased as may be necessary or proper under the existing circumstances; i) Cooperate fully with the law enforcement agencies and prosecuting authorities of federal, state and county governments; j) Maintain such police training programs as may be necessary and proper for the efficient and effective organization and operation of the Police Department.

101 E. Park Street
Bordentown, NJ 08505
City Administration Building
PO Box 395
Bordentown, NJ 08505