Creative Team

What is the Creative Team?
The Creative Team was first established as a subcommittee of the Bordentown City Environmental Commission (BCEC) in August 2013. It is an acting subgroup of the Bordentown Green Team and seeks to establish a vision for the community about how the arts and culture can contribute to its future. Together both the Bordentown City Green Team and Creative Team have helped the City achieve the Sustainable Jersey Silver Certification it currently holds.

What does it aim to do for our community?
A Creative Team increases the likelihood of maximizing and sustaining the creative potential that is inherent in every community, and can be the catalyst for meaningful development in your community by linking arts and culture directly to sustainability. It aims to support:
•Improving local business vitality, community spirit and public safety.
•Rejuvenating neighborhoods and stimulating job growth, within and beyond the arts and culture sector, contributing to overall economic development.
•Providing new reasons for others to visit, invest, or live in that place.
•Building pride and commitment to place, including the physical environment and nature.
•Bringing diverse people together to celebrate, create, inspire and be inspired, improving quality of life and community wellbeing

What is it’s Mission Statement?
As a subgroup of the Bordentown Green Team, the Creative Team is charged with developing ways to both support and be supported by the artistic community of Bordentown City. The Creative Team considers all Bordentown artists to be valuable assets to the city, assets which should be encouraged to network and to share their works. The Creative Team seeks to locate appropriate venues for display and provide opportunities whereby artists may experience growth and public appreciation. In this way, the works can become an enticement to visitors and a key ingredient to a maintaining a thriving city.