Following the Public Hearing held on June 7, 2021 and the numerous e-mails received and answered, the following REVISED Draft Documents have been prepared for the public’s review and further discussion at the Planning Board Meeting scheduled for June 29, 2021 at 7:00 PM at the Carslake Community Center, 207 Crosswicks Street.

06-16-2021 REVISED Draft Master Plan Text
06-17-2021 Summary Document of Changes to REVISED Draft Master Plan
06-18-2021 REVISED Draft Comprehensive Master Plan

In 2020, the City undertook an effort to update its Comprehensive Master Plan and the Land Use Plan element. The Draft Plan is slated to be introduced by the Planning Board at the May 3rd 2021 meeting for additional input and possible adoption in June.
Community outreach has been a critical component in this process. The Planning Board and its Steering Committee wanted to capture as much input as possible from residents, business owners, property owners and other stakeholders to guide the City’s vision for its future. The goal has been to reinforce the Master Plan as the entire community’s plan. While COVID brought challenges, the City continues to be open to the community’s input and ideas.
We encourage all residents, business owners and property owners to get involved. Participate and help shape the future of Bordentown City!

April 2021 Draft Comprehensive Master Plan – Bordentown City

April 2021 – Bordentown City Master Plan Update Summary Introduction – BCMP Fact Sheet

April 2021 – Circulation & Parking – BCMP Fact Sheet

April 2021 – Economic Development – BCMP Fact Sheet

April 2021 – Open Space, Recreation & Resiliency – BCMP Fact Sheet

April 2021 Housing & Community Development -BCMP Fact Sheet

Comprehensive Master Plan Flyer

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