Dumpster Permit Information

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Code of the City of Bordentown, Chapter 236 Storage and Trash Containers, Temporary

Storage containers, pods, and dumpsters require a permit for placement on private property and public roadways.

Dumpster and storage container permit applications are available by contacting Jennifer Smith at 609-298-0073 ext. 114 and requesting that one be mailed to you. After completing the dumpster, storage container or pod permit application you may drop it off in the mail slot at City Hall along with the initial permit fee and certificate of insurance or mail it to the attention of Jennifer Smith at City Hall, 324 Farnsworth Ave, Bordentown, NJ 08505.

Dumpster and Storage Container Initial Permit Fees: $25.00 – payable by check, cash or money order to the City of Bordentown
Permits may be renewed at expiration of 30 days or 120 days for $5.00; multiple renewals will be at the discretion of the City. In the event of a City function taking place on the street where a dumpster is placed, the permit holder MUST have the dumpster removed for the duration of the City approved function at his/her own expense. The dumpster and/or storage container can be returned to its location without renewal of the permit if it has not expired.

* Applicants must obtain a certificate of insurance from the dumpster company naming the City of Bordentown as an additional insured.

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