Shopping, Dining, Events in Bordentown City

The Shuttle is available on Friday and Saturday evenings and travels throughout the City from 5:00pm until 10:00pm. Our drivers, Karlita and Nichole, are friendly, happy and waiting to take you where you’d like to go for shopping, dining or just strolling our little historic city. When you have finished your day and the shuttle is out and about, just hop on and they will take you to your car. If you’ve come in to dine for the evening, just park your vehicle at the NJ Transit RiverLine Parking lot located at the intersection of W. Park and Prince Streets or at the parking lot located at the Carslake Community Center, 207 Crosswicks Street (Gilder Road between the Gilder House and the Water Utility Meter Shop) grab a seat on the Complimentary City Shuttle and let Karlita or Nichole do the driving for you.

Designated City Shuttle Stops are marked with sandwich board signs located at: 207 Crosswicks Street, Chestnut Village Apartments on E. Chestnut Street; corner of E. Chestnut Street and Farnsworth Avenue (near the Huber-Moore Funeral Home); Veterans’ Way near the driveway entrance to Boyd’s Pharmacy; the NJ Transit RiverLine parking lot; Home2Suites located on Route 206 next to the Car Wash. The Shuttle also makes stops at the Park Street Apartments and the Union Eagle Senior Apartments on Ann Street; if you see the Shuttle coming down the street, “Wave for a Ride”.

Not only do we wish to make shopping and dining in downtown Bordentown easy for visitors to our historic community, but we want to encourage our residents to use the City Shuttle for their convenience in coming downtown for dining, shopping and during special events.

Remember you can shuttle to the shops or restaurants and then stroll home to walk off those delicious calories.

101 E. Park Street
Bordentown, NJ 08505
City Administration Building
PO Box 395
Bordentown, NJ 08505